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Old hippie wannabe with conservative values but libertarian sensibilities.
Whackyfunster Age: 62, I just had a birthday. EEK! (Yep, that's me in the logo).
Married: Happily for twenty-one years to third and dare I say, final husband. We own our own business, and yes we DID build it on our own. My husband is an amazing man who can handle anything, even a sick wife.
Children: Son Ian 38. He married in February of '06 so now I have a beautiful red-headed daughter in-law Sarah. Easter of 2011 they let us know she was PREGNANT! So I'm now a grandma!! Here they are when we went to Santa Fe (quite awhile back). And here is a picture of my grandbaby. And of course my 4-legged son (my Cardigan Corgi) who is currently covering from cancer surgery. ADDED: Our poor dog finally succumbed to his illness. We miss him terribly. We waited awhile and then decided to adopt a rescue dog from Helen Woodward Animal Center. He's part Chihuahua/Rat Terrier, and is a real lovable dog. Well, at least to us. He's quite a four legged doorbell! ADDED: Goodness, we have had another lose to cancer. I didn't want to adopt again but of course within several months we found a Chiweenie who needed a home. It's a girl this time with blondish red fur and very high energy! Chihuahua/Dachshund.
Inspiration: Grandma Moses or anyone old finally pursuing a passion. It's never too late to figure out what you want to do when you grow up.
Loves: Gardening, genealogy, art expression of any kind, and anything to do with the computer. I hosted the SCSI Library, one of the Virtual Libraries in the WWW Virtual Library System, and was involved with the FOLDOC project, and I design websites as a hobby. DuckDuckGo is the best search engine out there, all the others suck. just throwin' in my two cents......
  • "Best Bunnies", accepted and won at the 2011 juried art show My Best Friend: Pet Portraits held at the Encinitas Library.
  • Encinitas City Hall Show 2010. I had three pieces in this show; "Gone Crazy", "Monster in my Head ", and "Wishful Thinking"
  • "Something on my Mind" Environmental Art Show at the Encinitas Library. This was a juried show.
  • "Dog Talk" accepted and received Honorable Mention, and a People's Choice Award 2006 Exhibition of Art, a juried show held at the San Diego County Fair
  • "What's for Dinner?" accepted 2006 Exhibition of Art, a juried show held at the San Diego County Fair
  • "Tulips in Bloom" accepted 2005 Exhibition of Art, a juried show held during the San Diego County Fair
  • "Sleep Delusions" accepted and won 2nd place at the 2004 Exhibition of Art San Diego County Fair
  • "Average Blue Dog on an Abstracted Day," was in the 2004 Fragments of Truth Opus Veritas, a juried exhibition of International mosaic artists held at the Museo ItaloAmericano in San Francisco
  • "When Dogs Rule the World" accepted 2003 Exhibition of Art, a juried show held during the San Diego County Fair
  • South Park Award for "Best Bunnies ", 2011 My Best Friend: Pet Portraits art show in Encinitas.
  • Honorable mention for "Dog Talk", 2006 Exhibition of Art at the San Diego County Fair
  • 2nd place for "Sleep Delusions", 2004 Exhibition of Art at the San Diego County Fair
  • 1st place for "Is My Ponytail Straight?", a mosaic garden container at the Flower and Garden Show 2003
  • Grand Prize Winner for 2006 in San Diego County's 3rd Annual California-Friendly Landscape Contest
  • "Best-homeowner Designed Garden" in the San Diego Home/Gardens Magazine - Garden of the Year Contest 2003, featured in the September issue.
Whackyfunster Art: I tell people I paint in tile and grout. I tend to work very large, and my work is bold and colorful. My pieces are simple and whimsical with a focus on animals. I love to create mosaics on old windows or doors, which can be used as garden art due to their durability and intensity of color. I started doing mosaics about fifteen years ago when my husband and I moved into our present home. I have several of the original pieces in the backyard and they have all withstood the test of time. The majority of tiles I use in my work I scavenge or find locally, and then break them up with a hammer on my side patio. I'm sure my neighbors are confused about the noise and can't figure out why I keep smashing things. I love how tactile this medium is, and how satisfying it is from start to finish.

Footnote: Waking up sick after the New Year in '98, I coughed up blood for the next nine months. Being only 42 years old at the time and not a smoker, this came to me as quite a shock. So through the middle of a large garden project, I had bronchoscopies, soil deliveries, angiograms, planted flowers and waited for the bleeding to stop, but it never did. Finally in September of '98 I had one-third of my lung removed. During surgery and apparently from complications of my kyphoscoliosis and now diagnosed osteopenia, my upper thoracic spine was broken in two places and a lower disc was ruptured, oddly enough this was more painful and harder to recover from than the lung removal. I realized that the garden project was not going to progress in any type of timely fashion and that life loves to test me. I've had to learn patience and accept my limitations, and it's been hard.
Update, 2006: I was hoping all of this was behind me but unfortunately I just got diagnosed with bloodclots again. Hopefully this time I will only be on Coumadin short term.
2007: sigh, it just never ends, now the doctors want to do another heart cath to determine if I have secondary pulmonary hypertension, and have brought up putting me on a list for a heart/lung transplant. This is crazy.
2014: Things have gotten even uglier. Apparently I now have a confirmed diagnosis of CTEPH/PAH and any thoughts of heart/lung transplant are out due to the CTEPH. I'm now so sick I have no choice but to turn to pulmonary thromboendarterectomy (PTE) surgery at UCSD. It's a type of open heart surgery that enables to doctors to pull the clots/scars from the pulmonary branches and allow for oxygen to reach the heart again.

Added: Well, the news is bad, I'm too sick for this surgery but there is a drug called Adempas that was created for people like me, which I take 3 times a day. Along with it I do Ventavis inhalations 5 times a day, and I'm occasionally in a wheelchair, in fact I just bought a used red one. My mom said, "geez, who would of thought you'd be doing that at 59...." With CTEPH (Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension) and PAH (Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension), along with my other medical problems I guess this is all I can hope for. I pray every day that the researchers will find a cure. I ask that you pray too.
Help Cure Pulmonary Hypertension

Added: 2016. So happy that the Ventavis treatments have been replaced with a new drug called Uptravi. I take it twice a day (along with my many other medications....). This medication has the ability to halt the progression of the disease and to maybe reverse some of the damage.

I was just asked to do a video for Uptravi. To see it, just click on the arrow button on the black bottom bar.
Or use this link to see it on their website.

Added:2019. The Uptravi worked great but then I got switched to Opsumit. Again, working fine but certainly not curing. But things are now really topsy-turvy, it looks like I'm at the end of my road, and the only option is the PTE surgery which UCSD now says they will give me. My odds are not the same as other patients, in fact I've been given 75% of making it through. But this is better than the 50% they had been thinking. I am optimistic about this. I think they are wrong about the clotting. I believe most of clots are the newer ones that happened in 2006 and 2013. If I'm right then it seems to me I should at least have the same function I had in my lungs after the 1998 surgery. The problem with my 38 year struggle is that this is definitely a complication and the doctors don't know if I will be in the hospital for 2 - 3 weeks, or for maybe 4 months. eek. I'm willing to try.